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Genetically Engineered Beluga Whales Are Attacking Christian Families with Homosexual Chemtrail Water at Seaworld

beluga whales sea world

beluga whales sea world


The genetically engineered beluga whale is showing all the classic hallmarks of homosexuality:   rippling abs that shamelessly glisten in the waters beneath the summer sun, a healthy rose hue of the skin and a unnerving desire to expose Christian families to homosexuality.

The disturbing image from Seaworld in Texas is the latest evidence that Obama’s Jade Helm invasion to enforce gay marriage in the state has many battlefronts.

Sources within Seaworld report the ‘rose pink beluga’ is genetically engineered and was sent to the waterpark via the US Parks Service, which is controlled by the Obama administration.

The beluga whale shows an unnatural pink skin, an exhibit ofgenetically engineered homosexuality first found in pink river dolphins.


As temperatures soared to nearly 100 degrees in San Antonio, the families gathered at the water park for last moments of summer fun were shocked to find the whale aggressive, muscular and spritzing rainbow colored cold water from its mouth.


Somehow within the beluga whale, normal water is laced with homosexual chemtrails .  The animal is then trained to find probable Christian families in the crowd and then spray them with torrents of the water that quickly soaks into the skin.


Eyewitnesses report that moments after the whale sprays over swaths of the screaming crowds, men start showing signs of homosexuality.  Their eyes linger on the male figures of the animal trainers.  They get irritable toward their family and seem to make eye contact with other fathers and men in the crowd.

Until further notice the Christian Defense League of Texas is warning families to travel to Seaworld with the precaution that gays are using animals to bring homosexuality to the American family.  It may be best to boycott seaworld until the homosexually engineered animals are removed from the water parks.

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